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Nelson Bastos
  • Founding Partner of IVIX Value Creation;

  • Founding Partner of Integra Associados where he served in several financial restructurings


  • He was an officer and board member of Gradiente for several years, a Company hefounded, and has been involved in several other boards, such as Alcoa Brasil, Telemig and Telenorte Celular, Varig – where for five years he chaired the troubled airline's finance committee – and of Grupo Villares. 

  • Chairman of the board and CEO of Parmalat Brasil S.A, from 2003 to 2006 

  • Board member at EZTEC SA, since 2010, a major Brazilian developer and builder

  • CEO at LBR Lacteos do Brasil SA through 2017

  • CEO at Brazil Railways, a railroad holding company that controlled Portofer, Ferroban, Novoeste e Ferronorte for almost four years. 

  • CEO at Gevisa, manufacturer of locomotives and large electric motors controlled by GE;

  • CEO at IVIX Sistemas Abertos, joint venture between Villares and IBM;

  • CFO, also responsible for strategy, for the Villares group.


  • Interim management and financial restructuring of LBR Lácteos Brasil S.A. (2013 to 2017);

  • Restructuring and sell of Parmalat Brasil S.A., the first successful case of judicial recuperation under the new regulation in Brazil (2004-2005);

  • Debt restructuring of Brazil Railways and construction of 500Km of railway. Raised the share of Railways total soy exports from zero to 25% after he established partnerships for the construction of new grain and fuel terminals in Santos and Mato Grosso (2000 to 2002);

  • Divestment of shares held by Vale on railways (2001); 

  • Sale of Gradiente’s mobile phone production unit to NOKIA (1999);

  • Sale of Granja Rezende Food to Sadia (1999);

  • Sale of Varig operations to GE (1998) 

  • Nelson is a member of IBGC (Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa) and of IBR (Brazilian Corporate Restructuring Institute).

Marco Barreto
  • Founding Partner of IVIX Value Creation;

  • Founding Partner of Tauá Partners.


  • Head of equity and debt capital markets at Banco Patrimônio and JP Morgan;

  • Founding Partner of Integra Associados;

  • Founding Partner of IVIX Value Creation;

  • Former partner of RK Partners;

  • Founding Partner of Tauá Partners;

  • Leading CRO at Usina Santa Isabel, Cooperativa Carol, Netshoes, Marba, Unitec, among others;

  • Business undergraduate degree from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV)

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) MBA


  • While in investment banking, led significant corporate restructuring and product creation, such as the split of Bradesco, creating Bradespar; the split of Susano, creating Susano Petroquímica; issuance of the first mandatory convertible debenture; creation of the first Brazilian ETF (PIBB);

  • Former partner of RK Partners, working in restructurings of UTC Engenharia, Bombril, and Usina Caeté;

  • Founding partner of Tauá Partners, leading restructurings of Netshoes, Marba, Unitec, Connvert, among others;

  • Recent structuring of Debt Capital Markets transactions for Piracanjuba, Frialto, and Broto Legal.

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Alexandre Ruelas
  • Senior Partner of IVIX Value Creation since 2013;

  • CFO at LBR Lácteos do Brasil;




  • CEO at Cooperativa Carol;

  • Controller at Banco Ribeirão Preto S.A.;

  • CFO at Santal Equipamentos S.A. (agricultural machinery and implements);

  • Finance manager and controller at Supermercado Gimenes S.A.;

  • Finance manager and controller at Parque Hopi Hari S.A.; 

  • Finance manager and controller at Cardinali S.A. (industrial segment PVC pipes); 

  • Credit manager at ABC Supermercados S.A.


  • He built his career in accounting and finance, with significant experience in cost reduction,turnaround and strategic planning, in small and medium-sized companies, in different sectors like agribusiness, retail, manufacture, entertainment and banking;

  • Conducted several M&A and capital markets transactions for companies such as ABC Supermarket, Cardinali PVC Pipes and agricultural implements Santal;

  • Extensive experience in ERP and BI implementation.

Other Qualifications:

  • Holds a finance degree from UNICEP – Brazil;

  • Has a B.S. in Accounting from Catholic University of Petrópolis – Brazil.


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Alberto Tepedino
  • Senior Partner of IVIX Value Creation;

  • Ex-CFO of Levorin.



  • COO at Módulo Security Solutions S/A (2014 – 2015);

  • Financial and Administrative Officer at Delta Construções S/A (2013 – 2014);

  • Financial and Administrative Officer at Laep Investments Ltd (2010 2012);

  • Financial and Administrative Officer at Group Infinity Bio-Energy (2006 – 2010);

  • Financial and Administrative Officer at Parmalat Brasil S/A (2004 – 2006);

  • Investor Relations, Financial and Administrative Officer at Ferronorte S/A Ferrovias Norte Brasil, Ferrovia Novoeste SA, Ferrovia Bandeirantes SA (1997 – 2003);

  • President of Instituto de Pesos e Medidas do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – (1997);

  • Financial and Administrative Officer at Cia de Desenvolvimento Industrial do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (1996 – 1997);

  • Financial Officer at Banco Divisa S.A. (1993 – 1994);

  • Financial and Administrative Officer at Libra de Navegação Group (1989 –  1992);

  • Financial and Administrative Officer and Superintendent at Veplan (1982 – 1989);

  • Brazilian Division Assistant at European Brazilian Bank. – London (1980 –  1981).

Other Qualifications:

Tepedino has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and post-graduations in Administrative and Economic Engineering from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Also has post-graduation in Finance from Polytechnic of South Bank – London. Besides that, Tepedino also concluded several specialization courses encompassing Controllership (IAG-PUC/RJ), Total Quality Advanced Management (FGV-SP) and Excellence in Business Administration (FGV-SP).

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